Climate Change Visualization

Visualization is an effective method to communicate abstract and subtle ideas

Climate Change Images

The majority of humans are visual learners. If they can see a problem, it is more likely to capture
their attention and motivate them to act.

Animations / Images / Videos

The image and graphic links below are regularly updated to provide easy access to new climate change content and visualizations. Click View to expand and view a graphic. Click View again to collapse and close the graphic.

Shangning Wang
Dimensions: 800 x 769

Description: Map of global warming and abrupt climate change.

World Wildlife Foundation
Dimensions: 800 x 566
Description: Climate risks: 1.5°C versus 2°C global warming

Seth Wynes / Kimberly Nicholas
Dimensions: 800 x 565
Description: Personal choices to reduce your contribution to climate change.

Weather Underground
Dimensions: 800 x 1375
Description: Climate change today.

World Resources Institute
Dimensions: 800 x 783
Description: Explore the world's greenhouse gas emissions.

British Gas
Dimensions: 800 x 299
Description: Source of carbon emissions by country.

Ed Hawkins
Dimensions: 800 x 755
Description: Earth’s annual temperature anomalies from 1850 to 2016.

Nikole Wohlmacher
Dimensions: 800 x 1413
Description: Loss of species biodiversity - sixth mass extinction.

George Washington University
Dimensions: 800 x 800
Description: CO2 emission vs. vulnerability to climate change, by nation.

David McCandless
Dimensions: 800 x 558
Description: When sea levels attack!

David McCandless
Dimensions: 800 x 540
Description: Extreme global warming solutions currently on the table.

Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition
Dimensions: 800 x 4769
Description: Five reasons why carbon pricing is the future

Dimensions: 1000 x 1667
Description: 100 Solutions for Climate Change