Climate Change Visualization

Visualization is an effective method to communicate abstract and subtle ideas

Climate Change Animations

The majority of humans are visual learners. If they can see a problem, it is more likely to capture
their attention and motivate them to act.

Animations / Images / Videos

The video and animation links below are regularly updated to provide easy access to new climate change content and visualizations. Click View to expand and view a video. Click View again to collapse and close the video.

Play Time: 00:36

Description: Earth’s global surface temperatures were the second warmest since 1880.

Antti Lipponen
Play Time: 00:36
Description: Temperature Anomalies by Country 1880-2017 based on NASA GISTEMP data.

GOOD Magazine
Play Time: 01:52
Description: Global warming could create 150,000,000 "climate refugees" over next 40 years.

Play Time: 00:41
Description: Annual Arctic sea ice minimum 1979-2018 with area graph.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Play Time: 03:59
Description: Simple explanation of climate change.

Antti Lipponen
Play Time: 00:34
Description: Temperature anomalies arranged by country from 1900 - 2016.

Antti Lipponen
Play Time: 00:36
Description: Global temperature change 1850 - 2016.

Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
Play Time: 08:16
Description: A brief history of CO2 emissions.

Play Time: 00:56
Description: New study finds sea level rise accelerating.

PBS News Hour
Play Time: 10:09
Description: Why U.S. lawmakers failed to act on climate change decades ago.

Play Time: 02:32
Description: New satellites study one of Earth's most critically changing regions.

Arizona State University
Play Time: 00:22
Description: PolarGlobe - a 4D climate data visualization.

Arizona State University
Play Time: 02:34
Description: PolarGlobe - a 4D visual model illustrating the interaction between earth systems.

Play Time: 00:22
Description: Climate change through the lens of Google search.

Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition
Play Time: 01:57
Description: Pricing carbon: It's about our economy and our future.